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Monday, July 25, 2016

So the weather this last week wasn’t that hot, but THIS COMING ONE WILL BE DREADFUL!! I’m a lot better than I thought I’d be!! Still not all the way there though :p but I only have a month left of this desert summer heat, I can’t believe I’ve been here 2 SUMMERS, TIME IS SO FAST ITS NOT FAIR!! (10 day forecast for Bakersfield: 104, 107, 109, 109, 111, 110, 108, 100, 102, 103).
My car troubles NEVER CEASE!! Weeeee got a flat :') on Monday :'') to start off the week :''') BUT, it’s been fixed, and all is well in Zion again. I knew this transfer was going on too smoothly
Sister King still
loves Cats!
This week was crazy! We finished teaching A. all the commandments, she's still set to be baptized on Saturday, so extra prayers for her! She always bears the most amazing testimony. On Saturday we were talking about baptism and the importance of it and how she can come closer to Christ. She started talking about how this gospel has helped her to be a better person, how she's happier and nicer and more patient and doesn’t want to do the bad things she's done before. And even though reading is hard for her, she still reads the Book of Mormon every day because of the "peace" it gives her. She put into words perfectly how the Holy Ghost helps us in our lives in a way that I haven’t been able to. And we spent a solid 5 minutes talking about how she doesn’t need to swim to be baptized and how she won’t drown ha ha,  goooood times.
Sister King still
loves cats!
We met this family who said that they knew Mormons but weren’t really interested in our message. We gave them a pamphlet and just briefly described the message of the restoration, how God always worked through prophets who held His authority, but when Christ and his apostles were rejected, it was lost for a time but has been brought back so that we can have extra guidance and more truths to bring us to Christ. He looks at us and goes "Really? I’ve never heard it put like that before... that makes sense! You CAN come back!" Whoa. It was the coolest testimony builder of simplicity in teaching. God made everything about this gospel SIMPLE FOR A REASON!! When we over-complicate things, dwell on ideas that don’t build our faith but confuse us, don’t do the "primary things" like going to church and reading the scriptures and saying our prayers, we WILL not feel the spirit abundantly in our life. 
I've been thinking of the story in the Old Testament, when the people simply had to look at a staff with a snake on it to be healed from their wounds and many STILL COULDN’T DO IT! How often do we do that today? Skipping scripture study or a prayer or sleeping instead of serving and learning. All easy things that don’t seem like they’ll be missed but they make the BIGGEST difference .

Sister King still
loves cats!
Recently I’ve been getting a bit frustrated when people aren’t keeping their commitments. Like, how hard is it to dedicate 10 minutes a day to the Lord to read more about him? Or to carve out 30 minutes to learn more about His plan for us? And an hour for sacrament meeting? In Alma 37:44-46 it talks about how the words of Christ will point us to the straight path to eternal bliss, and if we follow it we'll be blessed. Simple? Check! Easy? Not so much. It’s like when President Uchtdorf said if you tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he’ll believe you, but if you tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he’ll have to touch it to be sure. The easier a task, the harder it is to believe it will benefit us. That’s where faith comes in! Faith to give it a try, to DO the simple things and SEE how it’ll change our lives! How it’ll bring us REAL peace and joy above everything the world has to offer.
Sister King back with Sister Wheeler
 for her birthday!
Does that make sense? "Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?" HA, life is grand, I love being a missionary. I got to see my daughter, Sister Wheeler, 2 days before her birthday :D she's 22 and we DID sing Tswizzy. Anything else exciting?? My brain’s a wreck right now, I don’t think I’ve thought straight in a few weeks

I’ve only seen Pokemon Go on a phone, but only the weird blue screen when it’s loading or something. L  Hopefully it will still be popular when I finish my mission.
Like, no one asks us to do service for them around here! We went to a nursing home a few times to visit some people there. We'll be helping a recent convert clean her craft room on Wednesday, but it’s always just jobs like that :p


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