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Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016

WOW what a week here in the hood! And we're loving every minute of it ;)

We were able to find a few awesome investigators, including an older woman named A. and a guy named H.! They both came to us and told us that they wanted to go to church. H. was given a Book of Mormon a month ago and has been reading it up until we found him Saturday! And A. loved church so much when someone said they were leaving for a month she goes "oh I'll see you here in August then!" It's really cool because she expressed a strong desire to help show her grandkids the way to get closer to God, she's super worried for them since this world is going downhill and she said that this is the answer to her prayer. Hopefully we'll be meeting with them this week, so prayers!!

A senior missionary who lives here in Bakersfield passed away this week so they had all the missionaries serving here go to his funeral. It was a super good service, and even though I only met him once it was awesome to see the influence he has on other’s lives, especially his family. It just makes me grateful to know God's plan for us and for families,  the Plan of Salvation for the wiiin! And it was the last time we saw President and Sister Wilson because they WENT HOME!!! I can’t even believe it, I remember when they had a year left..... time moves almost TOO quickly.

We saw a former investigator named V. and it was so cool because in essence SHE taught US how to pray. She was telling us how she developed a super personal relationship with God and how she just loves talking to him as a friend. She said the closing prayer after our lesson and it was literally 20 minutes long, just telling God about her day and what was fun and how she was feeling and what she read in the Book of Mormon. It felt like He was right there, it was so cool! She's working on quitting smoking before she can be baptized, just like S., so prayers please! We're going to drop a bomb on tobacco plants we're SICK of it and I HATE seeing these people have such a desire to quit but are unable to for a time. But thankfully, nothing is impossible with Christ!

We also had a chance to go on exchanges and I went out with MY BABY SISTER WHEELER! It felt just like old times, it was unreal. And we met someone who apparently saw me at Panda Express on Panama like 3 times so she recognized me.... caught red handed.... but she's a rodeo queen! 

 Not to mention Tehachapi had a fire so they had the sisters there come down and spend the night with the four of us and SISTER OLSEN WAS ONE OF THEM! So literally all 3 of my mission children were there and we had a sleepover. Still in bed by 10:30 because we're obedient and whatnot but it was almost too much fun. 

There’s a couple in the ward here that reminds me of Mugga and Pappap, and they live on SCOTT Place!!

This week shall have even MORE miracles! Just like Philippians 4:13 which says: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

This is HIS work, he'll move it along and He can do the same with our lives. Most people who get baptized were introduced to the gospel by a friend, so go and reach out to others and help them see the joy that comes through Christs restored Gospel!

I looooove youu!

Sister Clegg, Sister King, and a former
Senior Missionary Couple who were in town visiting
Bakersfield, CA July 2016

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