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Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016

I am doing well!!!! My birthday was bomb, it was so fun to see the video from home and to see people from my last area and to have BBQ!! Legit, my fav. They got me this cute bracelet that says "So special, So loved." They’re the best!! Ha ha, that’s so funny that you made that video, it kinda looked like I died though with my pic surrounded by candles. Some  of my favorite people from my last area came up to their daughter's house (who is in my new ward) and we PARTIED IT UP! For just dinner of course. Then we went out and hastened the work of salvation. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!! The birthday box got in on Thursday and the other one on Friday. Someone had broken the key so the box the package was kept in was open, but it was still there! Tender mercies!! I loved all the gooey things, my comp goes "Wow, your family loves sticky things, huh," and I got flashbacks to the millions of things we've thrown at walls to see how long they’d stay. Never realized we have a thing for them until she pointed it out, ha ha. AND I LOVE THE NATS BAG!!

Sink Leak!
On the 4th of July we had a 7 pm curfew but we went to a quick walk outside our apartment for some fresh air. Bakersfield apparently is a fan of large, illegal fireworks and the experience was similar to what I imagine walking outside during a WWII bombing would be like. We also come home from church on Sunday to find out our garbage disposal broke and created a large puddle of black mysterious liquid that smelled like rotten eggs. Still not sure the diagnosis since it was Sunday and no one was working or available to answer our questions. Hopefully dumping it down the tub was the solution because that's all we thought to do. Adventure is out there!!

We were able to teach H. AND A. the first 3 lessons in more detail this week and they ate them all up! H. reads like 20 pages of the Book of Mormon every day and has the best questions when we come by. We meet outside and he pretends that we're teaching him on a beach and says that we're starfish and that the cars are sharks. Whenever we call him he goes "I’m great, watching the sharks and reading about Alma." And A. said that she feels the most amazing peace when she reads, which is crazy because she really can’t read well. Often times she can’t even fully understand what’s going on when she reads, but she says the spirit that she feels is so strong that she KNOWS it’s true. God is so great, I love how this gospel is for literally everyone to enjoy, He is no respecter of persons. 

M. has officially deemed us her "besties" and says that the chapters we gave her were "on point." She also said that she wants to get baptized right before her birthday next month for a "fresh start" and as a "birthday present." She texts us everyday telling us we're her sisters in Christ. She's literally the funniest person alive and gave us 5 loaves of bread to represent the "bread of life." It was really cool though, we were there and her 7 year old jumped up and said he wanted to pray and after he finished she told us that was the first time ever in his life he prayed out loud. Joseph Smith much? The Restoration is too true.

The strangest thing I’ve eaten this week? I had butter beer and molds mead, a member recreates foods from Harry Potter. The molds mead was essentially honey and black licorice, so YOU’D like it. I tried it. Not a fan.... but the rest was bomb! No cowboys on THIS half of Bakersfield, just lots of sassy people! More cowboys to the south.

Anyways, this week I got a ton of splinters in my knuckles from an unfinished door. We go to a member’s house to get some tweezers and she told me to put ointment on them and to cover them with a Band-Aid for a day. This will soften my skin so that they can come out easier. It totally worked and she told me it came from a conference talk this last April!! So of course I go to read it, and it’s called "The Healing Ointment of Forgiveness" by Kevin R. Duncan. He relates resentment to the splinter, and the atonement to the ointment. If we let hatred for someone or something stay with us, the only thing it hurts is us. But when we let the savior in and give it to Him, letting HIM heal US, that pain can go away. Just like the splinters. My favorite scripture from the talk was Jacob 2:8, which says "And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul.”

Happy Independence Day,
Sister Clegg and Sister King
I know that Christ came to HEAL us, to help us to get over the bad and to focus on the good. I’ve seen how his sacrifice has helped me to become better, to become happier, and to let go of the past. I’m so grateful to have him and his amazing gospel in my life. I love you all, thanks for all the birthday wishes!! Stay classy ;)


Sister King celebrated her 20th birthday this past week.

Many of her friends came by the house here in Maryland to make her birthday cards and to celebrate and record a video for her:

And in Bakersfield, here she is getting her birthday cake:

Sister King's Maryland friends
wishing her a happy birthday

Happy  Birthday, Sister King

Sister King's Birthday Cake
Bakersfield, CA
Sister Clegg and Sister King
watching the video of her friends
back in Maryland

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