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Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

The worst things about missions is that each week just gets faster and faster until it feels like every day is full of 24 hours of experiences. But here goes nothing!!

We were able to spend a lot of time with our investigators which is NEVER a bad thing!! We met with R., this super cool guy with the cutest lil’ girl, whose brother got baptized in Lancaster. We taught him and his girlfriend more about Joseph Smith and how he RESTORED the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how prophets help point us to Christ. It was a really cool lesson because we actually saw in their eyes how they were beginning to see how the message we were saying is true and how it can help lead them back to their Savior who will help us back to our Heavenly Father. And his baby girl was just smiling the whole time so we shall NOT complain about that :D

H. and A. in the same part of the discussions and we ended up seeing them on the same days, so we'd teach the SAME lesson twice in a row ha ha. Double Word of Wisdom and tithing and prophets!! They're so cute, they keep going around telling their friends and family about how they’re "going to be Mormon on the 30th!" … more like they will be entering in a covenant to help bring them eternal life on the 30th, AMIRITE!? Anyways, they're bomb. But this is nothing new.

Our district meeting was a hot mess. Our District Leader was at the temple for the departing temple trip, and so he didn’t assign any talks or role plays or anything because he thought the elder who was assigned to run it would do that. So it became a 90 minute discussion on the importance of finding the elect. I've given many schpeels on that, but the coolest thing I learned from it is how GOD prepares people to receive His gospel, we just need to work hard to FIND them. We never need to convince people to listen to us, if they’re ready they’ll accept Christ with open arms. We have some sick plans for this coming week, so expect miracles!!

We visited some members in a nursing home and got flashbacks to my first area where we went to them every week! Recently I’ve been praying for the ability to see others through God's eyes, and I felt the power of that when we were talking with the people there! God doesn't look on our outward appearance, our worldly accomplishments, or even who we've been. He looks at our hearts and the person we have the potential of becoming. Talking with these people who don’t even have the strength to push their own wheelchair, and don’t have the memory to recount what happened yesterday, and then having the spirit testify that they are beloved sons and daughters of God was the coolest thing EVER!

I feel kindda like a preacher with this email; I swear I don’t sound this fru fru in real life.  It was just awesome because God knows them and loves them just as much as He knows and loves me, and I love helping other people know what I know and feel what I feel.

Anyways, I’ll get off my soapbox. Hope this didn’t come out as weird as it seemed in my head?

I love you all so much!!

Sister King's birthday dirt cake!

Sister Clegg, Sister King, and her birthday dirt cake!

It was 96 degrees at 10 am, and 119 degrees at 1:05 pm!

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