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Learn about Bishop, California (Allie's first city)

Allie's first area is Bishop, California, the second most northern city in the Bakersfield mission. It's a city of 5,000 people nestled in a valley directly to the east of the Sierra Nevada mountains, close to the Nevada border.

Bishop, California
Click here for a map of Bishop, California.

Click here to learn about Mule Days, the most exciting week of the year.

Click here for some awesome google images of Bishop, CA.   It's about the same elevation as Provo, and surround by mountains about the size of those in Provo,  so it should be familiar to Allie. And it's among the coldest cities in the mission, which will be nice in the hot desert months, a true tender mercy from the Lord.

Click here for the Wikipedia entry for Bishop, California.  

Click here for the official Bishop California city web site.

Click here for the Bishop California official visitors center.

Here are some facts about Bishop, California:

-Bishop is known as the "Mule Capital of the World" and a week-long festival called Bishop Mule Days has been held since 1969 on the week of Memorial Day, celebrating the contributions of pack mules to the area. The festival attracts many tourists, primarily from the Southern California area.

-Bishop, as well as the rest of the Owens Valley, has an arid climate (Köppen BWk) with an annual average of 5.18 inches (132 mm) of precipitation.

-The city of Bishop has a population of 3,879, and the greater Bishop area, includes an additional 11,000 residents, and is at an elevation of 4,150 feet.

-In the 1920's the city of Los Angeles purchased much of the valley around Bishop, shut down the agriculture, and diverted the water to LA for its use.

-There was only one notable resident of Bishop: Reigning National League Manager of the Year, Washington National's Manager Matt Williams, is from Bishop.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

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