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Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016

AY, I got NO TIME and this week was SO WEIRD! 

"Let me 'splain. no, let me sum up," is that the quote from Princess Bride? Mission fog has clouded my memory...

This week is summed up in one sentence: we found out on Wednesday that the investigator that was supposed to be baptized on Saturday was already a member. I won’t go into all the details of how we found out, but it suffices me to say that it was probably the funniest thing to happen to me my whole mission, but her sons now want to take the lessons, so we'll be teaching them this week!! God works in mysterious ways!

We also went to a Basque restaurant and had pickled cow tongue (in honor of my father and his mission to Southern France). We also stuffed our face with ice cream and had a ward activity. So those were our food adventures!!

We found a young man this week who wants to know the truth and loves to read the Book of Mormon, when we went to teach him his mom said she wanted to listen in next time but was busy at that moment. So we were teaching him about the Restoration and about every 10 minutes she'd bring something in for us to eat since she doesn’t want people to leave her house hungry. He was super cool, he said that he's never met anyone like us or the members we brought and got excited when we explained to him how it’s the restored gospel that helps us to be happy! He's one of the most sincere people I've ever met, we're excited to work with him!!

It was really hot and miserable this week..... 110 and the sun is so intense I feel like my skin is melting.... but for some reason the heat isn’t bothering me as much as it seems like it would. It was what we call a "seed planting" week, not a "harvest," but alas, this next week shall be better!! 

Service Station at Niles and Mt. Vernon
The gauge on our car is off, it told us the wrong tires were low on air and we were filling up some of them too much and it was so stressful. The Zone Leaders had to drop something off at our place and we said we wouldn’t be home for a bit because our tires were acting up. They called us and were all "what station are you at?" "Elders, don’t worry about it we're fine." "Is it the one by your apartment?" "No its on Niles, but I think we're fine." "Niles and Mt. Vernon?" "Yeah but we should be good!" "Okay sisters, we're on our way!" Hahahaha That’s the second time in the last 2 weeks that the Elders got all proud at being able to fix out tires. Anyways, I need to learn more about cars from daddy when I get back.

I DID really like church on Sunday. The young women had girls camp this last week and so they talked about their experience there. The theme was holding on to the iron rod, meaning staying close to God even through dark times when we're not sure where it's leading us. One of the leaders talked about how they went on a 2 day hike. The first day was the easier day, but all the girls were sad and complaining and were having a hard time. The second day was worse, and she was expecting all the girls to be more upset, but for some reason they were cheerful and didn’t say a negative thing the whole time. She realized that it’s because they knew that they were going back to camp, back "home," while the day before they were just wandering. She related that to the gospel and how life becomes easier when we focus on how it’s a path that takes us home. Home to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, home to our families and those we love the most. If we don't have that goal in mind, then life is just wandering and we won't find that joy. I've really seen that perspective change my life, and the story made me miss camping and home!! I’m so grateful that I got to be raised in this amazing church with amazing people and most of all, with a knowledge of my amazing Savior.



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