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Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

THIS WEEK WAS CRAZY!! Where do I even start???

Anabel's Baptism
Bakersfield, CA
June 2016
Ana got BAPTIZED on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday!! We met with them a lot this week and I've honestly never met anyone so excited and so prepared to be baptized!! She cried after the interview and laughed when she stepped out of the font and skipped away from the podium after she got confirmed. They also made fun of me for crying. So did President and Sister Wilson who came... but it was WORTH IT! She's only 10, it’s been so fun to work with her! She said she can’t wait for Young Women because it smells like flowers, and primary smells like chalk. We also taught them (and another family) the game Ninja and it got so intense we drew blood...... well, Sister Pincock accidentally scratched my hand. It’s crazy.

Sister Allie King
Enjoying the 108 degree weather
Bakersfield, CA
We found a great new investigator named R.!! His neighborhood felt a lot like Bishop, it was so wonderful :')  And this woman gave us a bag of ice there!! Couldn’t do much with it so we let it melt a bit and then poured it over our arms and legs.  It dried in like 10 seconds. But it felt nice while it lasted! We've taught him the first 2 discussions and he said that the thought of having a prophet on the earth gives him goosebumps and how the plan of salvation just "feels right." Plus he's been reading the Book of Mormon and said that it’s been helping him get through hard times! DUH!! That’s why we haaaave it. Man I love this gospel!! 

The heat stinks, but it’s not AS bad as I thought. We are surviving the record heat, people do let is in a bit more but its way hot and will only get worse, lol. But, God gives us strength!! 

Mission Leadership Conference
Tehachapi, California
We had Mission Leadership Conference this week and it was amazing!! They announced that we're getting, wait for it.... IPADS!!!!! Exciting, right? WRONG! They said that but it turns out to be an acronym. Introduce yourself, be Personable, Ask questions and Declare the gospel. It's just a way to make sure we don't get too robotic. The whole mission went into a moment of chaos. Sister Pincock and I gave a training on teaching repentance and baptizing converts. Sister Wilson related it to ourselves, how we can't teach repentance if we haven't experienced the power of the atonement in our own lives. We can’t help people come unto Christ if we aren’t diligently doing our best to do the same. The gospel is meant to be shared because it changes lives, what’s the point of having it if we aren’t doing anything with it?? That’s something that I’ve definitely noticed since I’ve been on my mission, the stronger my testimony is, the stronger my desire is to share it. This is eternal life, this is pure happiness, this is the path to get back to heavenly father! This is literally the BEST THING EVER AND WE HAVE TO SHARE IT BECAUSE ITS SO AMAZING AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY AND I'M HITTING 11 MONTHS THIS WEEK SO I'M CURRENTLY TERRIFIED. But I’ll be okay, maybe. I’ve decided I’m never going home, if that’s allowed.

On exchanges with the Snow sisters, including
Sister Liebelt, Allie's trainer!
Snow, Bakersfield, CA
June 2016
We went on exchanges with the snow sisters (they’re serving in my old area) and I went out with sister Liebelt (my TRAINER!) and it was fantastic!!!! It was so funny, she said I've grown so much since she trained me, I actually feel comfortable speaking! And teaching! And leading discussions! You’d be surprised how much can change in 8 months :D  We were able to pick up a former investigator I taught a few months back and reset her with a date!! And she gave us a donut! And everyone gives us cold water because they feel bad for us!! Which strikes up conversation! Which lets us share the Restoration!! The heat is good for something!!

The smog is extra bad but the people are extra nice and this week will be full of MORE miracles!! I love you all, have an amazing week!!

Sister King, Sister Pincock
Staying hydrated in the heat!
Bakersfield, CA

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