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Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

This week is not as hot as last week!!

Sister King and Sister & President Wilson,
whose mission ends on July 1.
Tehachapi, CA, June 2016
So sorry, not much time but this week was insane! We had 5 exchanges with the sisters in our stewardship, had lots of meetings, but the best one was our last interview with President and Sister Wilson! They'll be leaving on July 1st and I already miss them :(  We took an absolutely dreadful picture before they left, I apologize for my lack of sleep and inability to smile, ha ha.

But we got to meet with A. and O. and they're both not only doing well but their families are on track to go to the TEMPLE NEXT MONTH! AHHHHH!!  Too much excitement, oh my word. Baptisms are great, but the temple is the most important thing that can come from being baptized! AND I GET TO GO TOMORROW!! I haven’t been to the LA Temple since December!

West Bakersfield Sisters
June 2016
We found some pretty cool people this week, at one point we visited 6 investigators and only 1 decided to open the door for us but ‘TIS LIFE, we're on the hunt for the elect and those who have a desire to come closer to Christ so we can help show them how to do that! But tons of people give us water and Gatorade, they're big on "replenishing electrolytes" here!

Something I got to experience a lot this week was God’s love for others. Like, being a missionary is awesome, but it's only awesome because we get to help other children of our heavenly father understand that that’s who they are, children of a King. That they have divine potential and that there’s a guaranteed path for happiness, the search is over! The gospel is restored! I wish I could tell you more but alas, I must bid you adieu.

Just know that I love the Lord and He loves you. So much so that my mission president gave me permission to SEE MY SECOND MOM AND BROTHER WHO CAME UP FROM LA TO HAVE DINNER, IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. (So, lunch with the Perls, we went to "Oh Noodles" and it was pretty good! They thought it was hot and dry, which it was ha ha. I gave Johnny a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet. Johnny has a new car and since this is the first time he drove it they might be naming it "Nephi" after it! Ha ha, we'll see though.   IT WAS SO FUN!!)

I love you all have a great day!

Sister King and Sister Pincock having lunch with
Johnny and Darcy Perl
Bakersfield, CA

Sister King and Sister Pincock having lunch with 
Johnny and Darcy Perl
Bakersfield, CA

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