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Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016


Anyway, this week was the bomb!! Like a month ago we taught someone outside who told us it wasn’t his house BUT that we should try the owner of it later. Turns out the owner is already a member but his family isn’t! We've been teaching his wife and she is so cool and absolutely loves learning. Her sons are even involved in scouting so they're basically halfway there!

We had exchanges with the Stockdale sisters and it was COMPLETELY AMAZING!! LIFE CHANGING! SO GOOD!! Legit, I went with Sister Bigler and Sister Bryan went with Sister Harmon and together we found 10 new people to teach!! Including a few awesome families! PLUS WE DANCED ALL NIGHT! When other people are as crazy as me we tend to get a bit out of hand.... but on a spiritual side, we were all so pumped to go out and to get things done! And they went back to their area and were able to find as well!! God is good!!
Sisters King, Bryan, Bigler and Harmon
From Stockdale
Berkshire, Bakersfield, CA
April 2016

We had an investigator who explained the apostasy perfectly, one who told us all about her "niece’s cousin’s" conversion to the church, one who agreed to a baptismal date and immediately told his friend in Lake Isabella about it and one who has a swear word tattooed across his neck and he can’t figure out why he can’t get a job... poor guy.

We had fast and testimony meeting on Sunday and it hit home a little harder than usual. I am so grateful to be a part of a church where we can not only enjoy the presence of the Spirit, but a church where we can have the constant companionship of it. A couple who is working towards getting sealed in the temple talked about how happy they are that they can be with their family forever. Sometimes it’s crazy hard being out here, far from my amazing family and friends, but I’m so grateful for the knowledge that I have that this will be just a small moment in the grand scheme of the eternities. I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who is so mindful of each of his children and how not one is forgotten. I love how He never leaves us, even when we drift away. I love this gospel and I love my Savior. 

So I really like zucchini now... don’t know how THAT happened!! I’m in a food rut now though, like I’ve had so much rice and sandwiches and salads and I don’t know what to make anymore.

HOPE THIS WEEK ROCKS, Y'ALL ARE DA BEST. Also, it makes me sad because I meet a lot of people who know Mormons but they never shared anything with them about our beliefs. EVERYONE, GO TO MORMON.ORG!! I apologize for my lack of information exchange pre-mission, but this is the best work to be involved with!

Sorry this was a jumpy letter but my minds been in a jumble for quite some time. Can’t wait to see you when I get home in 8 months (!!?!!?!!?) (Actually I can; I don’t want to go home).

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