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Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Zone Conference, South Bakersfield
January 19, 2016
I’m not even sure how to describe this week...

We went on exchanges with the Wilson sisters and it was really cool!

A few of the highlights included teaching Kendrick, a 15 year old boy, again. He said he read a "chapter" in the BoM but he couldn’t remember what it was called. Turns out he meant "book." He read ALL of 1 Nephi! And when we went back 2 days later he had read to Mosiah! It was crazy, we only met him a week ago!

Also, "Ensign" is the name of the official Church magazineAnd we were walking to an appointment when this guy comes out and asks us about what we were holding. We told him how the prophet and 12 apostles give us guidance and whatnot, the whole schpeel. Then he comes out after our lessons with a HUGE bag and goes "This hat is for your prophet, and these 12 pairs of gloves are for your 12 apostles." They all had the word "Ensign" on them. Turns out it’s the name of the drilling company he works for!! We got swag for our prophet! Huzzah!

 Sister Larsen, Sister King, and others,
Wearing their "Ensign" gloves swag
Bakersfield, CA, January 2016

We found a lot of people to teach, and ACTUALLY got return appointments this week!! One of my favorite lessons was with the Zepeda family, a part member family whose kids, O and F, will be getting baptized next month. We taught the restoration and the important of prophets and O starts crying and says "I know that they’re real, I know God loves me, and I know I’ll see my grandma again someday." She's 12... it was so amazing, and her Mormon cousins were there to help testify of this gospel and the spirit was so strong and it was SO COOL! She’s like 6 inches taller than me though...

Unfortunately, yesterday was quite rough... It's raining really hard, which I appreciated at first. Until our phone fell into a mini river on the side of the road. And then our car broke down an hour later. So after running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we eventually made it back to our apartment at 5:30, unable to leave because we had no car and no phone. That’s the first time since I was 13 that I haven’t had at least a phone to contact someone, and we were stuck and ugh. I'm on my 6th rental car since December; we've gone to the dealership 10 times. They keep saying it's "fixed" when it’s just not actually fixed. Our phone is currently sitting in rice so pray that it gets the water out, we'll find out tonight!

I totally forgot, we went out tracting with Sister Wilson, the Mission President’s wife! She’s such a great missionary; it was so much fun spending time with her!

Sister King, Sister Wilson (Mission President's Wife)
and Sister Larsen, with 
Ensign gloves for the apostles!

I’ve been making salmon for lunch this week, so that’s fun!!

There is literally nothing to do in Bakes. We hang out with the other sisters in my district on preparation day though, so it feels kind of like high school.

Anyway, I’m sorry I have no time to write about anything but I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Hope it’s as great as mine ;)

"Your daughter asked me to send you this picture. 
She is now serving in our ward, and stopped by to give me 
a message. My four year old grandson was here, and is 
now in love with her! She is an absolutely amazing 
missionary, and we (Laurence family) love her! "

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