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Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

So far, each one of my companions has been mistaken to be my mother and not my peer. This time it was a 45 year old woman who asked Sister Larsen if I was her daughter. What a glorious moment for all...

No rain, this week, sadly. Some clouds though!! At Zone Conference, Elder Morris, the car guy, went out, took pics of the crappy mission cars, and showed it to us to embarrass them into taking care of their cars. It was epic.  
Speaking of cars, ours is broken... New area, new car, same curse. We had to take it into the shop and everyone there still remembers me. Also, our phone broke. New area, new phone, and I still managed to break it. Pray for the appliances I come in contact with because something wants to halt the work here.

Sister King, Sister Larsen,
and some Roses from Kenzie
Bakersfield, CA
This week was amazing other than that though!! Kenzie when I "woke" her up from her "nap" for the lesson that "Mormons aren’t supposed to scare little girls!" I seemed to have missed that doctrine somehow. 

Out Bishop asked us to go visit a sister named Alma. All we knew was that she was less active and wanted to come back. Well, we get there and it turns out she has 2 kids who are 12 and 8 and want to be baptized ASAP and asked if we could help with that. God just dropped them on out lap, all I could say was "Uh, yeah, I think we can manage that." They’re super sweet too. Olga, the 12 year old, is 6 inches taller than me...

Sister Romero, Sister Larsen,
Sister Weaver, Sister King
Bakersfield, CA
We also had exchanges with Sisters Weaver and Romero! They're so incredibly sweet, I went out with Sister Romero and she's just fantastic. God loves putting us in awkward situations, and this exchange was no exception. But we saw the blessings that come from pushing through hard, weird things, and these people we were scared to talk to were totally prepared to hear the message of the restoration! At one point there was a Hispanic woman I went over trying to tell her that we were missionaries and whatnot. I had no idea what I was saying but Sister Romero apparently SPEAKS SPANISH and came in and cleaned up the mess I just made. The woman was sweet; she agreed to let the Hermanas come teach her. I felt like such a gringo, but with pride!! 

This week was just jam packed with information about how we can be a better missionary; I'm still on an information overload. On Tuesday we had Zone Conference and President Wilson gave the most AMAZING talk on how faith without works is dead, but works without faith is just as bad. If we don’t have the faith that there are people who are not only READY for the gospel, but the faith that it WILL change their lives as well, what's the point of being out here? And if we truly have that faith, it'll show through our works. And then we had a worldwide missionary broadcast where the missionary council for the church spoke to us and it was an extension of Zone Conference. They spoke all about how we need to focus on the SPIRIT, not on us or our ability. This work would not go on if it were up to us; it's God and HIS ability to change lives that makes this gospel and the atonement possible. Teach repentance, baptize converts. I've heard that phrase about 100 times this month and it never gets old!

We continue to see miracles here! I love this work in the Shire and hope that this week brings actual rain since we were only taunted by storm clouds. It’s also been in the 60s. I'm super jealous that Maryland currently has 3 feet of snow... I could kill for a snowman right about now.

I love you all!!

Sister Romero, Sister Larsen,
Sister Weaver, Sister King
Bakersfield, CA
Caution: Sister Missionaries Acting Silly 

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