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Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

WHAA, this week was insane! 

My new companion, Sister Bryan from American Fork, is the ABSOLUTE BOMB!! We're pretty much twins, we've had way too much fun together this last week. We were also told by multiple high schoolers that everything we say is outdated, so my mission fog has officially taken over :(
Sister King, Sister Bryan,
Bakersfield, CA, February 2016
"A member gave us a ride. This thing is terrifying."
 Anyway, we had some amazing lessons this week! We taught O and F the 10 commandments and tithing and prophets and keeping the Sabbath day holy. We accidentally mentioned that missionaries can't go to the mall, so when we were reviewing a few days later they said "I thought there were 11 commandments. Aren’t we not supposed to go to the mall?" It took like 10 minutes to sort that part out, they absorb everything like sponges, it’s so cute

We found some really cool new investigators and my favorite was when one of them said "I've just gotta make time for God.” RIGHT?! I'm so glad someone admitted it. It's so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life that people forget what is most important and what comes first.

One of the sisters in our stewardship has been sick and can't get out. We've been going out with her companion so they aren’t both stuck inside all day. Please pray for her!

I miss the rain more than you can imagine, and when it rains here, the smog leaves, so it’s just positives all around :p

I'm so sorry I don’t have much time or much to report, but the work is going great! Some days it's hard to "feel like missionaries," it can be hard going up to talk with every person we meet, but EVERY TIME we suck it up and go out anyway, miracles happen! We find someone new;  we meet a pastor and his wife who shared with us the most incredible conversion story and all about their humanitarian work in Haiti; we get to play with adorable Australian Sheppard puppies;  it’s wonderful! I've learned that God really does reward out efforts!! He is a God of miracles!!


Sister King, Sister Bryan,
Bakersfield, CA, February 2016
"Dewars Ice Cream."

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