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Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

The Lord is STILL pouring out blessings on our area! So many more miracles!

We had a ward Halloween party on Friday and it was a HUGE success! We had to rush to get everything together and we were worried no one would come, but we had a great turnout and everyone had fun! I was put in charge of donuts on a string, so of course I had a blast watching all kids get covered in sugar! The Zone Leaders were here on exchanges, so we ended up having 6 missionaries there to help! THE POWER OF THIS WORK IS REAL! We had a few investigators and friends come and it was such a good night! I ate more candy and brownies than I’d care to admit, and I felt the pain on Halloween haha. Speaking of Halloween...

That morning was pretty rough. We had some people yell at us and accuse us of being terrible people and the works. We tried to stay positive and humble but we were getting pretty frustrated. We were also worried that no one would want to talk to us since it was Halloween, so we just prayed asking God to lift our spirits and help us find those who are ready for this gospel. And HE PROVIDED! We had this fire and we went out and found 4 new investigators that day! 

We were teaching Rocio, a super sweet 23 year old who loves this gospel and the Book of Mormon, and we were able to teach her fiancĂ©, Erik, as well! After we recounted the first vision she just squeals and says how she got so many chills! The spirit was incredible! We found Judy, who used to talk to the missionaries in an area about 30 miles away and she'd been praying for us to find her again! We had no idea; we just saw her sitting down and went up to talk to her. Our ward mission leader is 24 and has apparently been teaching all his friends about the gospel and we were able to teach his friend Andrew and his brother and girlfriend and roommate. That day was SO COOL! Not to mention we picked up a former investigator, Chris, who says he's finally ready to commit to baptism and he has such a strong desire to follow Christ! 

And of course, that night was TRICK OR TREATING! We weren’t able to go, but we went to the Swain's and helped them pass out candy and make banana bread! 

We taught Relief Society on Sunday and we focused on the differences between weakness and sin. Sin is willfully disobeying God's commandments and the Light of Christ within us, while weakness is limitations GIVEN to us by our Father so that we can learn how to overcome them and grow. Paul explained it perfectly in 2 Corinthians12:9-10. As we RELY on the Lord to help us gain strength in our weakness, He makes sure that no one will take advantage of us; He makes sure we'll be able to do the task He has asked us to perform and He makes sure we come out a better person! 

I have found this in training! I was terrified that I was unqualified for the job and that I wouldn't be able to teach the new missionary what to do, but as I've prayed for the Lord to make up for the things that I lack, I've found that often times, we'll never be "qualified" to do something, the Lord asks us to do it so that HE can work THROUGH us! This is HIS work; we'll never have to do something we aren't capable of! I love Him, I love Bishop, I love Sister Wheeler and I love all he continually does for me and ALL His beloved children!

Sister King

Halloween 2015, Bishop, California
Anna and Elsa from Frozen!!
"Do you want a Book of Mormoooon. Come on let's go and praaay!"

Halloween 2015, Bishop, California
Anna and Elsa from Frozen!!

Sister Wheeler and  Sister King
Make sushi for the very first time
Bishop, CA, October, 2015

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