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Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015


We were both sick at some point, along with our investigators. Again! But we've been powering through!

We had a really cool lesson with our investigator Chris (all thanks to John Matsen who sent me an object lesson using candles). It was a combination of the first 3 lessons and he really liked it! 
Candle Object Lesson

Plus we had a lesson with Tyler, but he didn't have any furniture so we all sat on a blanket on the floor of his living room and had a mini picnic. Sister Wilson was there and she testified of how the gospel has blessed her life and it was just a reminder to me of how EVERY MEMBER IS A MISSIONARY! I can't wait to get back and still be involved in this amazing work!

But hey, let's cut to the chase here. Transfer calls came in.... And I'm LEAVING BISHOP!! I'm going to West Bakersfield to the Snow ward. I'll still get to train though! I'll be a follow-up trainer to Sister Olsen, who was Sister Wheeler's MTC companion! Speaking of Sister Wheeler... She'll be staying in Bishop and TRAINING! She's skipping the second transfer of her own training to get a greenie. So I'll be a grandma after 4 months and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Elder Vakalahi is also getting transferred to La Cresta. Our little family will be split apart, and I'm really going to miss Bishop, it's so beautiful and the people are so nice and it was such a cool experience living in a small town, which I've never done in my entire life. But during interviews with President on Monday he basically told me I would be leaving so it wasn't a surprise :(

Of course, the Lord is so mindful of me. Every day this week during my personal study, something I read just testified of God's love for me and His plan for me. I know that Bakersfield is where I'm supposed to be this next transfer and that His ways are better than mine. I'm still pretty sad though...

We leave today to make the 4.5 hour drive to Bakersfield! I love this work and I know that Heavenly Father knows us and loves us each individually and perfectly! I can't wait to continue to share that testimony with others!

Sister King

High Sierra District! Left to Right:
Elder Chamberlain, Elder Thunhorst, 

Elder Vakalahi, Elder Hidalgo,
Sister Wheeler, Sister King
November 2015
Giving Service to the Community
Raking Leaves
Sister King, Elder Hidalgo, Sister Wheeler, Elder Vakalahi
Bishop, CA, November 2015

Brother Freeman gave us a "to go" dinner because his wife wasn't home yet.
Sister Wheeler, Sister King
Bishop, CA, November 2015

Sister Wheeler, Chris, Sister King
Bishop, CA, November 2015

Sister Wheeler, Sister McLaughlin, Sister King
Bishop, CA, November 2015
(Sister McLaughlin is the missionary "grandma" for 
those serving in Bishop)

Sunrise in Bishop, California
November, 2015

Bob, Sister King, Sister Wheeler
Bishop, CA, November 2015

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