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Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

This week started off with GARDENING!! Which is crazy because it was actually nice outside so I actually really enjoyed it, first time for everything! Sister Bryan told me about "surprise service" where you just show up somewhere and tell them you’ll help them with something. It's awesome; I highly recommend it in weekly life. 

Sister Bryan, Sister King, and the
Sisters in Wilson.
March, 2016
We had exchanges with the Wilson Sisters and people were even MORE busy that usual, so we became ever more pro at teaching the restoration in 60 seconds and inviting them to be baptized anyway. There is no shame as a missionary, I'm surprised how many drastic and strange things I do, like invite strangers to come unto Christ and to be baptized. I wonder how this will carry over when I'm home.... But we're in a cycle of finding people, having them commit to a date, then dropping them 2 days later because they don’t do anything and won’t meet with us. The struggle is real, BUT, we're just weeding out some folks so we can find the elect! 

We have no idea what transfers will bring, but we have this week and next week since it’s a 7 week transfer. Fingers crossed we stay together, I love Sister Bryan!!!

We don’t have plans for Easter yet, hopefully we'll convince a ward member to invite us over ;)

There's an awesome event coming up for ALL TO WATCH! The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is singing Handel'sMessiah and starting at 6:30 Friday it'll be streaming online. ( ). So our ward activity will be viewing that together with an open house before and we're inviting the community. 

Sister King, Sister Wilson, and
Sister Bryan
March 2016
Soooo Sister Bryan and I go to one of the churches in the area to give them a flyer for the broadcast and OUR FAVORITE PASTOR AND HIS WIFE ARE THERE!! Background story, we knocked into them and they gave us a rundown on their conversion and life and we chatted for like 45 minutes and they were the coolest people ever and we happen to find THEIR CHURCH!! They gave us a tour and told us to go back to their house for dinner sometime. It was awesome. Other churches were not as friendly unfortunately.... But Tim and Lisa man, sent from above!

We've been meeting with a woman who’s been going through some tough times at work. But she told us that she knows the Book of Mormon will bring her peace, and we started reading it together and she COULDN'T STOP!! It was awesome; it's crazy how strong the spirit is when we let it into our lives. 

If you haven't seen the video on YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY!! Post it to social media and flood the internet with it!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christ and his sacrifice for us this Easter season. The lyrics from “I Stand All Amazed” come to mind. "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, confused at the grace that so fully he proffers me, I tremble to know that for ME he was crucified, that for me, a SINNER, he suffered, he bled and died... oh it is wonderful, that he should CARE FOR ME, enough to DIE FOR ME, oh it is wonderful!  Wonderful to me!"  ( )

I'm striving to keep Christ in my heart and to remember all that he's done for me. Even giving up 18 months to serve Him isn’t enough, but I can honestly say it’s the most rewarding thing in the world! I love this gospel and all the joy it brings me! Through Jesus Christ, I HAVE found new life.

Teaching Girls Camp Songs to the next generation
Sister King, Sister Bryan

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Sister Bryan, Sister King
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Sister Bryan, Sister King

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