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Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016

Welp, it's one of those weeks where you're just glad it's over ;) BUT, it actually rained so we saw the mountains and didn't choke on the smog!! It's the little things in life, like clean air, that matter most <3
Rain, which leads to clean air!
Bakersfield, CA, March 2016

We had exchanges this week with Hermana's Pincock and Martineau!! A majority of the people we ran into spoke exclusively Spanish so I was no help, but it was lovely nevertheless!!

There's a major road, Hosking, that leads straight to our area. It's been closed since I've gotten here, so we have to drive an extra 10 minutes out of the way to get there but THIS WEEK IT OPENED and it saves 4 MILES EVERY TIME WE TRAVEL!!! It's so awesome, we almost cried. I bet the roads on the moon ain’t that smooth.

We also had interviews with President! Unfortunately they weren’t as exciting as they were in Bishop because I see and talk to president alllll the time. But I just love him and Sister Wilson. They leave in June </3    

AND, our tire had a big old hole. BUT, we took it in and they patched it and we left in 1 minute!! A new record!! So my car curse may be lifting!! 

The snails here have been out and about constantly. Many have lost their lives to our shoes, but they’re accidents, I swear.

We had a miracle lesson with Larry and Teri this week (husband and wife, I kid you not, those are their names and they’re epic).  The member was running late so by the time we pulled up Teri and her kids were leaving. So we're depressed and writing a note for them when Larry pulls up and calls them to have them come back. SO, if we were on time then they probably would have said to come back later since Larry wasn’t home, and if we had given up hope we could have missed Larry, and the EPIC LESSON WE HAD!! They said they’re looking for a church with a strong youth program. I almost laughed, as if they could find a better one anywhere else!!

Pizza Rev, it's like
Pizza Studio on Steroids!
Bakersfield, CA, March 2016
Olga and Fabian are doing well. We reviewed the Restoration and they remembered it all and basically taught us. It’s insane, the spirit has been sooo much stronger there since they’ve been baptized. The gift of the Holy Ghost is REAL!!

A few weeks ago these dog-coyote mixes were waiting for us at out car and only left when hosed down with water.  Then when we were IN the car they still came after us, and didn’t move when we tried to run them over. So, it was funny in hindsight!

We got a new investigator because our church doesn’t endorse and political candidate :D

For my NCAA Basketball Tourney picks, make my final four Weber State, Maryland, Cal State Bakersfield, and Cal, with Cal State Bakersfield winning it all!

I love it here so much, we're still trudging along but everyone must go watch the new Easter video the church came out with!! Click HERE to go to,  I can testify, along with others, that through Jesus Christ, I HAVE FOUND NEW LIFE!!! This church is true and our Savior lives! I love you all so much :D

Sister King and Sister Bryan, finding joy
in serving the Lord
Bakerfield, CA, March 2016

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