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Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Our miracle this week was with Emily's family! We've been teaching her grandma, Trina (she only speaks Spanish and we have a translator), and we've been stopping by their house about 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks to try and get Emily and her mom involved as well. On Saturday we felt like we should stop by (again) and they were home! Daisy is Trina's daughter and her kids, Carlos and Emily, were there and they are the cutest family ever! We were talking about Joseph Smith and how he had questions about which church to join since there were so many and they were all conflicting, and Daisy's eyes just lit up. Her husband's been telling her to pick a church to go to and she said she had the same questions as Joseph Smith! She and her kids were extremely receptive to the lesson and want us to come back! 

The senior couple had us over TWICE this week for lunch and they are just about the most positive, happy and uplifting people you can find! I really am spoiled being in a ward with 6 missionaries. It will be hard to transition when I have to leave.

We had another lesson with Steven, who is a senior in High School, and we taught him about the plan of salvation. He just ate it all up! And he said his parents are interested and they asked him to re-teach what we tell him until all of us can meet! 

We can't see the mountains that are only 20 minutes away because of all the smoke from all the forest fires, and it's now in the 100s instead of the 90s like the last month. The only news we hear out here is how well the fires are being taken care of!

Thanks for the package. I'VE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED FOR MINCED ONIONS AND PEPPER IN MY LIFE!!! THINGS CAN HAVE FLAVOR IT'S A MIRACLE!!  And the CDS!! We're saved! We were so sick of the music we had.  You guys are the best.   

We got up at 3:50 today to go on a 6 hour hike up in Mammoth and the surrounding area, so I'm not entirely sure if my mind is in a normal state at the moment! But here it goes!  We've agreed that when the world ends, we're coming here to die since its the greatest place on earth.

Climbing a small tree at the
edge of a cliff.

Rainbow Falls at Mammoth
Sister King and Sister Liebelt

Git R Done, with Sister King and Sister Liebelt

I don't have much time, but my testimony on the pioneers has gone through the roof this week! I've been studying them in "our heritage," this and last months Ensign and there's been some talks on it. They've increased my testimony so much, my trials seem so small in comparison. I know this church is true, I wish i could write more!

I love you all!

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