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Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

This week started out with a bang at Mammoth! IT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH! It's so rustic and full of trees and creeks and lakes, and I could stay there forever. but the work of heaven must go on!

At Mammoth Mountain

At Mammoth Mountain

Elder Willyerd (Allie's dad knew his father growing up in Rockville, MD), 
Sister King, Sister Liebelt, and Elder Vakalahi 
(whose cousin served in Derwood Ward about 5 years ago)

Tuesday was rough, everything kept falling through again, so we felt like we should go help at the care center a member owns. And as soon as we walked in all the workers told us they were just talking about how they wish we were there to help them! We did a bunch of the patients nails since there were more than the workers could handle, and Sister Liebelt got the nice friendly ones and I got the confused bitter ones. But still fun! It's nice to be led where the spirit needs us to be at the time!

We went knocking to find a street contact who lived on Dixon and we found Stephen! He's 17 and was extremely interested in the Book of Mormon and had us come the next day to teach the restoration! and on that same street we met Barbara, who is a protestant minister and loves the missionaries! She's been chatting with us for years and is just about the cutest and sweetest woman you could ever meet. Dixon was good to us that day!

We've been meeting with Alejandra and Maria more, and Maria, the younger one, is so receptive! Alejandra has an extremely short attention span though, and both looove playing with us. One of them calls me ganza, which is goose in Spanish. 

We taught Trina again, without her grandchildren. She's a friend of Angie in the ward but she only speaks Spanish, and wants women to teach her since she lives alone (her husband died 6 years ago). She said how she believes in prophets and will read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, and apparently (we didn't know this at the time) she's met with a lot of other missionaries and has NEVER committed to that before! We're excited for the progress she'll be making!

We found Ysenia my first day here because we were looking for someone on that street. We haven't had a chance to meet with her since, but we knock on her place about twice a week and her sister, Marlene, is there every time. She is the cutest, sweetest and happiest little girl I've ever seen, and her mom was home that time and said we can come back and teach them! The mom only speaks Spanish, so we're going with the elders. they're the dream family, I'm excited!

We had a girls night at Sister McLaughlin's, who is our mission mom, with Liea, the oldest Romero! We felt like she needed an extra spiritual boost since she's starting high school and they've been having a hard time getting to church. She was baptized a year ago, and really opened up that night! We had so much fun eating ice cream, talking about what high school will be like and how the gospel can help us through the hard times. she's been a lot more talkative with us and at basketball, and they were all at church on Sunday!

We went out to a restaurant THREE TIMES this week and had leftovers from all of them. it was such a glorious time to be alive. And one of them was with the Johnsons, and their son just got back from Colorado Springs. And guess what? He knows Tate Jenkins! And sister Daniels is from Maryland and Sister Steedle's (a less actives) husband is from Pittsburgh, so I just got a giant smack of home. it was amazing.

I'm rushing so I cant say everything I want to, but this week I've been continuing to read "Our search for Happiness" and have gained such a strong testimony in the beauty of the simple doctrine of Christ! Especially after I read Alma 37 and they talked about faith and the Liahona. It was the small acts that guided Lehi's family to the promised land, and it's the small acts that can guide us on the right path to out Father in Heaven. Studying complex doctrine and memorizing every fact about every prophet is great, but it will NEVER build faith the way simple and prayerful study of the Book of Mormon and Bible will. THAT should be our main source for knowledge and guidance!

The ant traps you sent are working wonders, and the socks fit perfectly! thank you so much!!

I love you all so much!

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