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Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7, 2016

SO SORRY! I lost track of time but here it goes!!
 This week was kind of rough, not a lot of finding after a lot of searching. BUT, God’s work doesn’t cease! Every time I got in a funk the Lord did SOMETHING to cheer me up! It’s crazy how as soon as I stop focusing on myself and what I’ doing, even if it has to do with missionary work, I immediately feel better and the Spirit comes in full force. The day after Halloween we were out knocking doors and everyone left their bowls of candy from the night before out in front of their house, so we ended up being able to go trick or treating!!
We met this woman knocking on doors who was telling us how she’s essentially Mormon because she has tons of Mormon family members. We kept talking to her and it turns out that she’s the grandmother of one of our investigators, B.! AND, she told us how her cousin has moved into this part of town, and it turned out that it’s a family in our ward! We told B. and she had no idea how many connections to the church she has!
We had a lesson with a recent convert and her daughter who is investigating the church! She’s been paying tithing since she’s been baptized and recently she got a job promotion, pay raise AND insurance! Her husband, who had been less active for years and his heart of softening towards the church now, had to talk to his boss about a miscommunication over his paycheck. He told his boss that he knew everything would work out because the Lord is blessing his family for their obedience. That is HUGE that he is starting to see God working in his life! And their daughter is continuing to come to church and they have just been so blessed because of their savior. 
We had another lesson with K. She was supposed to get baptized this Saturday but her family is still against the church and won’t allow her :/ We shared the story in Mark 5 about the woman who had faith that if she just touched the Savior’s clothes, she would be healed. Sister White, the member whose family introduced Kayla to the gospel, talked about her experience with illness. To make a long story short, her body started rejecting her lungs and after years of seeing doctors and treatments and having to be home bound on oxygen, she was finally able to receive a transplant. And the year after THAT, she was finally able to be well enough to go back to normal life! She spoke of patience and trust in the Lord’s timing, and K. confessed that she's been going through even more persecution than before; she now has lifelong friends from school in addition to her family who are telling her that she’s making a bad decision. For some reason, right after K. gained a testimony of the Gospel, the Lord started putting her through the fire. But because of that, she’s become converted! It’s funny, as soon as people started coming out against her and her choices, she’s become even stronger. She’s acting on the faith in God she’s received and because of that she’s a better person. She’s such an incredible example to me of diligent gospel living, and how even though the world is against us, God is always with us.
Also, a member of the Seventy, Elder Costa, came to our stake conference! His wife screamed when she saw us because she thought they were letting "primary kids go on missions." BUT, she had me go talk to Elder Costa about his mission because it turns out HE SERVED IN WASHINGTON DC NORTH! He served in my home stake back when there was only a Spanish group, and now there are 2 wards!! What a small world :D
Anyways, gotta skip out, I love you all so much!!

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