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Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

Okay, this week was random and jumbled but EPIC, legit!!

We finished teaching K the commandments and she went to the LA temple on Saturday! The youth went down and she went through the Visitors’ Center while the youth went in to the temple for baptisms and she LOVED it! She said the spirit there was incredible and she just kept looking at the temple and said she had this feeling inside that she’s never felt before, but she wanted to go into the temple more than anything. She picked a date for November 12; she'll be going to Utah with a member family for Thanksgiving and wants to go to the temple while they're there! Her family is not too supportive of her baptism, so if everyone could PLEASE pray for her that would be super appreciated! I’ve never met someone with as much faith. She's already planning on going on a mission. Mind you, her being introduced to the church came from her friend inviting her to the sacrament meeting when he'd be giving a talk. So simple, but look what came! We really don’t know who is prepared in our lives; it’s our job to share the good news about Christ with EVERY one!

We taught B the Plan of Salvation, or God’s plan for us, and she said that she's been wondering what the purpose of life is, and that we answered her!! Now is the time to prepare to meet God, now is the time to grow our faith and serve others and become better people! Plus more. Ha ha, we had a super long discussion on it and she wants to be baptized so badly. AND we saw E, the cool old genius, and it turns out he was one of the men who discovered that the chromosome was made up of DNA strands and not a skeleton... HE’S SO SMART, and still has the strongest testimony of Christ!

So the BIGGEST thing to happen this week was a MEMBER OF THE SEVENTY came and spoke to us. Elder Cook!! We had a 6 hour discussion on repentance and how to teach is effectively, it was incredible!! We talked about how it’s a way of life, refining ourselves and becoming better through the atonement, and I sure wish I had time to elaborate on everything I learned. But I WILL share my favorite analogy!! Sister Cook was speaking to us and she told us how after a caterpillar forms a cocoon, it releases an enzyme that turns it to LIQUID! And then AFTER that it becomes a butterfly. SO, if we ever feel like our life is a big soupy mess, we can know that God is refining us and we'll come out on top soon! We also talked about making Christ our senior companion, about how we need to go to Him in EVERY decision, and once we do that we allow HIM to hasten His work! He’s in the details, he knows where the elect are and He is ready to help all of us in every aspect of our life!
"During the pupa stage the caterpillar does not feed or grow bigger.
All that eating they did prior during their larva stage provides energy for this transition.
Metabolic activity forms new organs creating the adult butterfly,
while chemically deteriorating the organs from the caterpillar." 

WISH I had more time, but I love you all so much and God continues to work miracles!!

Sister King, Sister Hays, and the Bishop Sisters!

Sister Hayes and Sister King
Don't know about the crowns.....
Bakersfield, CA, October 2016

Sister Hayes, Sister King, and her
former companion Sister Clegg
Bakersfield, CA, October, 2016

Bro. & Sis, Swan, who work in the
Mission Office, and Sister King
Bakersfield, CA, October 2016

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