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Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

Okay, this week was crazy! It started off with a day that was 70 DEGREES?!?! Seriously, I felt like I was in heaven. And ON that day, we got 3 headquarter referrals, and a few more as the week went on! That rarely happens here, and we actually picked several of them up and they want to learn more about the gospel! If anyone wants a free Bible or Book of Mormon, missionaries are the ones to drop them off ;)

PLUS, we went tracting and ran into this nice guy. He had met with missionaries a few years ago but moved abruptly and lost contact with the church. SO, imagine his surprise when we come up and knock on his door and ask if he’s talked to missionaries before! He remembered everything about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and whatnot from before, and he’s just about the sweetest guy on the planet! He’s a Blackfoot Indian and gave us feathers! We've taught him a few times already.

We've been teaching this one investigator a lot. He’s been trying to quit smoking but keeps hitting a brick wall. One day we go to see him and he’s just lying on the floor of his living room in crazy pain, we were talking to him through the screen door and got the mission doctor on the phone to talk to him. We thought it was appendicitis or something so we're worried and impatient as we wait for the result. He gives us our phone back and tells us that it’s apparently a pulled muscle in his ribs. How did he pull a muscle, you ask? From COUGHING SO MUCH FROM SMOKING!! We felt so bad, but we chuckled, it was almost too perfect. Needless to say, he has NOT had as strong of a desire to smoke this week. Blessings in disguise. We had a few cool lessons with him as well, on repentance and faith and all those good things. It’s nice to know that we can always be forgiven when we fall short.

In our first week in the area, we met this lady who liked to talk about the resurrection and the creation. As the last 3 months progressed, we slowly find out that she’s actually a member of the church, has been to the temple, was super active in the church, but left for a different church, and said she'd never come back. That is, until we went over again on Saturday. She started crying and told us how must she missed the church, missed the Spirit, missed how beautiful the gospel is. And she, this very emotional super kind-hearted women CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!! Wow, I wish I could describe how insane this is. She has come SUCH a long way! It was a great way to end my time here, because…..

… transfer calls came in.... and I’m getting transferred :(   They have changed the way we find out about transfers; I don’t know where or who I’m going to be with, I’ll find out Wednesday, since transfers also got moved back a day since the incoming missionaries‘ flight got cancelled... 

Funny story, I found out about transfers during Stake Conference, since that’s when the calls came in, so the Zone Leaders just decided to tell us then instead of calling us all later, and I started crying, and a member went and YELLED AT THEM! As if they had anything to do with the fact that I was leaving, ha ha. And all this happened in front of the Mission President and wife, who looked very concerned for my well-being.

I know it’s God’s will and whatnot, but I will really miss this area :(   Anyways, I don’t have much time left, but a member of the Seventy (can’t pronounce his name..) came for stake conference and spoke a lot on the narrow path that leads us back to God. I really like how he said that no matter how crooked the path behind us may be, it’s never too late to make it straight again. God is always there to help us back on the path when we need to, we can always change! 


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