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Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016

You'd think that having one extra week in a transfer wouldn't be so bad, but it makes it seem twice as long... SO, week 7 was definitely one to write home about!

SISTER BRYAN AND I ARE TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER 6 WEEKS! We're like the only ones, the entire mission just got flipped upside down, but hey, it’s God’s, work not ours!

I’ve had my mission call for over a year now?  Where did the time go?!

The week started off with a zone activity, ultimate Frisbee with a football because it was too windy for a Frisbee. We all insisted on playing outside because we thought the wind wouldn’t hurt. And it shouldn’t! Anywhere but here. We ended up playing in a dust storm and the dirt here is full of valley fever, so we learned to NOT do that ever again!  

We had a lesson with a less active family, and we taught them a bit about the Book of Mormon challenge the Bishop gave, which is to read it this year and to give one to a friend. The spirit was soo strong and they texted us afterwards saying how grateful they were that we stopped by and said if there was ANYTHING we could do for them to let them know! They're just the sweetest, we are amazed at how receptive people can be about coming back to the fold and getting involved again. We MUST REACH OUT AND RESCUE! Just like general conference said! And it was SO DANG GOOD, but more on that later.

We went to go see a former investigator of ours when her boyfriend opened the door. Turns out he works for Elder Morris, out vehicle coordinator, and has been the guy helping out with our endless car troubles! It felt like we were meeting Oz. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and baptism and he just goes "oh don’t worry, Matt’s told me alllll about baptism and how I should do it." Talk about member missionary work, didn’t realize Elder Morris was a PRO! Goals man, goals.

Also, the father of O. and F. (who got baptized a month ago) is now taking the discussions with the Hermanas and is planning on being baptized next month! HOW EXCITING IS THAT!! They can be sealed soon; it’s crazy how much this gospel can bless families!!

Taco Contest and Spiritual Lesson
April 2016 Sister King, Sister Bryan,
and the M. Family
Speaking of Hispanic families we're working with, we met with the M. family again for  a TACO EATING COMPETITION! The highest is 28. I got 12. Sister Bryan got 16! And came really close to throwing up, but that’s a different story. We had a lesson after and A. just bore the most powerful testimony and her dad and mom were so emotional. Even though they spent some time away from the church, they’re so ready to come back; it’s awesome to see Christ change people!

Also, after 6 tries, we finally came in contact with a referral from the elders. His names B. and I’ve literally never met someone sooo open to the message. We tried to set him with a baptismal date for May 7th but he insisted it be April 30th instead. We went through a lot of hard times this week but we know that God fulfills his promises and will NEVER abandon us; it’s not part of His nature!

General Conference was spectacular. I loved its focus on temples and our identity as children of God! What stood out to me a lot was how they prophets testified that the first eternal truth is that God loves us, which is why the first and most important commandment is to love the Lord your god with ALL our heart, might, mind and strength! We need to always remember Him as he always remembers us. What a testimony builder to listen to God's representatives testify of our potential.

I feel like we need to take in refugees. Who are you gonna pick?  One from Africa? Turkey? Saudi Arabia? 

Elder Holland’s hit it home:

I love this gospel and am ready for this next week of miracles!

The District
Bakersfield, CA
April 2016

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