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Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.” (Mark 8:35.)

This. Week. Was. SO. Frustrating. Our car needed its oil changed, then tires rotated, then the check engine light came on so we spent of ten hours just driving to and waiting at the dealership for that thing to get better. I now know that building better than the chapel; I can direct you to the nearest bathroom and vending machine as well as any employee. So now we have a rental car with Nevada plates so we just tell people we switched cars with a random dude off the street to avoid the long and dull story that is becoming our life. We still need to go pick it up. Again.

Sister King pretending to play the piano
Bakersfield, CA, December, 2015

BUT the Lord understood that we were limited on our time actually working so He filled it with miracles! We picked up a ton of new investigators, but the coolest story was with a woman named Marsha. She's the neighbor of a family in our ward who are fairly recent converts. They both went to the same church when they moved into the neighborhood so we testified of this gospel and how it has blessed not only their lives, but ours as well. She is an amazing mother of 6 and has such a kind spirit, when we testified of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon her eyes got wide and excited! The Holy Ghost works miracles!

We also taught Lara, a super nice Brazilian woman who's getting baptized on Saturday, and she just LOVES this gospel! Her neighbors were like her second family growing up, and they were Mormons. She said that they'd been bringing her to church and giving her copies of the Book of Mormon and introducing her to missionaries for years, and they'll be flying in from Las Vegas to baptize and confirm her this weekend! What an amazing testimony about how we need to be patient and rely on the Lord's timing instead of our own. Not to mention we have lessons at a Brazilian member's house. And they're always speaking Portuguese. So sometimes I just smile and nod but that's okay! 

Anthony's Birthday
Bakersfield, CA, December 20
Okay, these birds in the pond by our apartment are hideous, they are black, they have disgusting looking feet-things that are striped, their beaks go up past their eyes, they have like red eyes and they're smaller than ducks. They are called the American Coot.

American Coot
American Coot

It's hard to get into the Christmas mood when it's still in the 60's and the trees haven't lost their colorful leaves and Christmas lights are strung all over palm trees but the CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL SURE HELPED! I loved their testimonies on the savior and his amazing life. I especially liked how they talked about how we need to show our faith and love for him through our actions! God PROMISED us that if we give our whole soul to Him that He will fill us with more joy and peace than we can imagine, and I know I have experienced that spirit in my life as I strive to be more like him! I'm focusing this Christmas season on giving back, giving the Savior a gift by sharing the good news of his gospel with others! And if anyone hasn't seen the church's Christmas videos THEY MUST GO WATCH IT NOW!

Watch the First Presidency Devotional HERE.

Watch more LDS Christmas videos HERE.

I heard there was a shooting in San Bernardino, I didn't know it was terrorism, so that's about how much I follow the news.  

I love this work, even if it doesn't snow in Snow!

Sister King

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