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Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

The fair is finally over, which means that people are finally home! We had a fun Labor Day, we went on a bike ride with the Romero's along the canal right up to the base of the mountain, it took three hours! We forgot to take pics, but I'm sure we'll do it again, it was so beautiful!

We worked a lot with Christina again this week! She came to a Relief Society activity on Thursday and loved it! It was so cool to see her interact with other women of the ward, and they were so eager to jump in and answer questions, it was such a fun evening! We also had a lesson with her at Sister McLaughlin's house, and we had such a good discussion on the atonement and Heavenly Father's plan for us. My testimony in that has increased significantly in the last week! I am eternally grateful for a loving savior who knows me and my struggles perfectly, and I am especially grateful this week for the constant strength given to us from our Father in Heaven. He truly is mindful of everyone of us, and getting a chance to see Christina through His eyes has been humbling. He loves EACH OF US individually and perfectly! He is just waiting for us to cast our burdens on Him so He can make them light!

We were leaving the Swain's at one point (the senior couple) and the house across the street from theirs had Utah plates and a BYU sticker! So we immediately jumped out and knocked on the door. It was a guy named Danny who moved here a few months ago. BUT HIS DAD IS A MOLECULAR BIO PROF AT BYU! I didn't end up taking a class with him, but he taught mmbio240 which I DID take with Poole. I was slightly disappointed that I didn't know him personally, but I'm still excited nevertheless. 

At one point we were driving down Main street when we see Ron's dad walking with what first appeared to be Ron's family. When we got closer we saw it was Michelle, his sister! To make a long story short, we haven't been able to meet with her in a while. She took the first 2 discussions and wanted to be baptized but there was a death so she was grieving for a while and we haven't had a chance to see her. We pulled into the McDonalds' parking lot and pretended we were just casually walking down main street when we "happened" to run into them. She said she wants to start seeing us again! She has a brand new baby boy and 3 other kids, she's super nice too! So tender mercies from the Lord! 

The bishop told me about the BYU game.  I picked a bad year to not go to the games....

We do service at City Hall every Wednesday which usually consists of weeding or cleaning the bathrooms and stuff like that. We help with a super old member's garden every other Tuesday, and we've been helping Christina with cleaning and laundry. Nothing too overwhelming.

It's 100 degrees during the day and in the 40s at night, and IT SUCKS!! We're freezing when we wake up and so we think it'll be cold that day and we walk outside and melt.

A BIG thing that's been coming up in my studies this week is diligence and valiance! It's all summed up in this quote my Mission President sent us:  "Once we enter into covenants with God, there is no going back. Giving in, giving up, and giving out are not options. In the kingdom of God, there is a standard of excellence for exaltation. It requires valiant discipleship! There is no room for AVERAGE or complacent disciples. AVERAGE is the enemy of excellence, and AVERAGE commitment will prevent you from enduring to the end." Heavenly Father has the ability to give us MIRACLES, but He can only do so if WE put in the effort first! The Celestial Kingdom is for those who are valiant! We need to be constantly working, there's no middle ground for us.

I love this work and I love you all, have a great week!

Sister King

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